Dental Bonding in Pinehurst

What is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding for cosmetic enhancement is a treatment that uses composite resin to improve the appearance of your teeth, or repair a fractured tooth. Why is it termed dental bonding? Because resin is bonded to the teeth using adhesives. While we do provide traditional dental amalgam fillings, we offer more esthetic treatment options to have cavities filled with tooth colored composite resin. This resin can be utilized to cover discolored or chipped teeth, protect exposed roots due to gum recession, works to close gaps between teeth, and even allow to change the length and shape of teeth.

What are the Benefits of Dental Bonding?

If you want to improve your smile with an option that is the least expensive procedure, dental bonding is the solution. Bonding generally lasts up to 10 years, although longevity and prognosis depends on which teeth are bonded and your overall dental health status. Front teeth aren't subject to the wear-and-tear molars experience while chewing, although front teeth are more prone to becoming discolored. Also, compared to other cosmetic procedures, dental bonding is fast. For chipped or broken front teeth, minimal to no tooth preparation is required, meaning little to no anesthetic is required to perform the procedure.

What are the Drawbacks to Dental Bonding?

Although dental bonding is the more affordable cosmetic procedure, veneers and crowns often achieve longer lasting cosmetic effects. Staining is a major issue with resin restorations. The resin has slight stain-resistant properties in comparison to porcelain. However, our natural teeth also stain and change color with age. Resin bonded material is prone to fracturing. This means that chewing on foreign objects, clenching your teeth, or biting your fingernails can likely lead to fracture of the bonded tooth. If you decide to whiten your teeth at any point, note that resin material does not whiten to the same shade your natural tooth will.

Dr. Streets stresses the importance of visiting the dentist regularly, in order to spot any issues with your current dental bonded material or to help create the right treatment for your dental related concerns.

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