New Patient Information

At your first visit to our office, Dr. Streets will take the time to thoroughly examine your jaw, face, TMJ, bite and mouth. Her goal is to determine the source and cause of your discomfort, educate you on your condition and devise a customized treatment solution that will work for you.

The initial consultation includes:

  • Review of your medical history
  • Sleep Screening and Questionnaires
  • Detailed evaluation of your pain, discomfort and/or other symptoms
  • Cranial nerve screening
  • Muscle palpation of the muscles of your jaw, head and neck
  • TMJ evaluation: evaluating the health of your jaw joints including their range of motion, tenderness and any clicking/popping sounds
  • Additional imaging if necessary: X-rays, panoramic, CBCT scans, referral MRIs
  • Additional testing as needed: diagnostic topical anesthetics, muscle and nerve blocks, blood tests

We will identify the source of your discomfort and devise a treatment plan to provide you with relief.

Unsure on whether our treatment options are right for you? You can schedule a 30-minute in-person and virtual consultation prior to start of treatment.

To begin healing, call 910-240-2922 or complete the online appointment request form here.

Dental & Medical Insurance

Dental insurance often covers a portion of necessary dental treatment. However, the patient is also responsible for the remaining balances that insurance may not reimburse. Because we know budgeting and personal finances are important, we offer payment options for your essential dental care. As a courtesy to our patients, we verify insurance coverage benefits and provide estimates on coverage prior to the start of any treatment procedures. We will work closely with you to determine benefits as they apply to your treatment needs.

We ask our patients to pay for the first office visit regardless of whether they are insured or not, as we are in network with Tricare - United Concordia dental insurances, and Sun Life/DHA. We also accept the following dental insurances: Delta Dental, Ameritas, and Principal.

Rarely, if ever, do insurance companies pay 100% of our medical fees.

Therefore we offer a variety of payment options.

If you have insurance be sure that you thoroughly fill out ALL the pertinent information, and/or bring your insurance card with you.

Please remember the contract is between you and your insurance carrier. Therefore you are ultimately responsible for all treatment-related charges. Our experience is that insurance companies can and will be arbitrary and capricious regarding the denial or the reduction in payment of benefits when dealing with us. The insured, if willing, can often get further than we can, when dealing with the insurance company's representative. We will provide you with a Superbill, that you may submit to your medical insurance.

Our office accepts traditional payment methods such as:

  • Cash
  • Credit Card (VISA, DISCOVER, Master Card and American Express)
  • Debit Card
  • Personal Check